I met the beekeepers over a beer at a local brewery (true story). They wanted a good farm to put some bee hives on and I wanted the pollinators. Within a couple of weeks, our small organic farm had bee hives - and it changed everything. The bees got to work and so did we. We discovered first hand just how important pollinators are to small farms like ours. The result was more tomatoes, more squash... if it needed pollination - we had more of it. Then came the honey and I'll be damn... things got even better. 

Kick'n Honey was born on a farm that revolves around the kitchen. The bounty of the farm, along with the honey, is always on our table. We loved infusing the honey and when we tried it with chili peppers, we were hooked. The idea for Kick'n Honey was brought to life at our kitchen table. 

We wanted this to be more than just hot honey, so we set out on mission to find the perfect chili peppers that not only added a bit of kick, but would actually enhance the flavors of the food and balance the flavor of the hot honey. Our goal was to produce the perfect "sweet heat" flavor.

Kick'n Honey is naturally connected to the life and food we grow on the farm. Made with 100% raw honey from Kentucky. We also refined how we infuse the honey, so it retains as much of it's natural goodness as possible. 

Flash forward to today - and like salt and pepper, Kick'n Honey is always on our table - that's why we're excited to share it with you. I don't fire-up the grill anymore without a bottle on hand - it's my go-to BBQ secret that never fails.

I invite you to try it. We call it "addictive by nature" for a reason. We appreciate your interest and thank you for supporting American farmers and beekeepers. 

J. Gordon

Our home farm is Spade and Table Farm, located just outside Louisville, Kentucky. Spade and Table is certified organic, using regenerative and biodynamic practices.